Training courses for unemployed citizens between the ages of 18 and 50

16 Dec 2021

Funded by the European Credit Fund (Maddad), Mercy Corps announces that it will conduct training courses for the unemployed (between the ages of 18 and 50), within the Aley region and its surroundings in the following professional fields:

  • General agriculture (Remhala and its surroundings): identifying the concepts of general agriculture such as crop production and protection, irrigation, soil management and pest control. Learn about all types of pruning, mitigation and vaccination techniques.
  • Forest Management (Remhala and its surroundings): forest management and fire prevention, pruning and trimming techniques, techniques used in most olive oil press machines and techniques used to create environmentally friendly olive pomace briquettes
  • Irrigation and plastic tents (Remhala and its surroundings): identifying all kinds of pruning, mitigation and vaccination techniques, installation of greenhouse heaters. Basic maintenance of irrigation through plastic tents/glass.
  • Digital Marketing (Aley and its surroundings): Understand the different options for online marketing and advertising, including search engines and email. Learn offline marketing techniques to develop communication skills and improve selling techniques. Learn the basics of content creation and its value for product marketing.
  • Home maintenance for women (Rashmia and its surroundings): understanding public safety measures at home, learning the basics of general maintenance (household appliances), understanding various basic electricity and plumbing activities (cleaning of drainage traps, lighting,...).

Mercy Core has developed an online application form that should be filled by all applicants. Selection of applicants is based on the application form. Accepted applicants will be informed of courses details and schedules.

Note: Transportation allowance covered for all courses and numbers are limited.

For enquiries, please send a message to the team: 70990430 or register via the link: